Saturday, 1 March 2008

Mighty Sparrow - His 25 titles that still remain a mystery!

The Mighty Sparrow AZ Catalogue page: still contains the mystery of................"Sparrow - Titles requiring further info".

These calypso? titles were identified from an unsigned document that did originate from Sparrow`s office in 1991, they were included in his list of 306 singles he referred to as "Existing Masters".

A few of the "unknown" titles on this list turned out to have been performed and recorded by Natasha. Luckily for me Dmitri Subotsky of managed to compare and confirm that these titles did relate to the tracks published by Natasha and importantly took the time to inform me of this fact.

There still remains approx 25 titles that could not definitely be linked to any Sparrow recording known to me. Links below will take you to the 2 relevant AZ Catalogue pages.

Suggestions/ideas on the subject would be welcome to Graham Johnstone:

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