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Mighty Sparrow * Grenada Crisis * 1977 Easter Water Parade

In 1976, the then Prime Minister of Grenada - Eric Gairy made the decision that the island needed to plan for another spectacular event. After the great success he enjoyed through his daring foresight in organizing the Carifta`69 Expo in Grenada (Caribbean`s first trade fair) he got a taste for "the wider stage".

Much is known and written about flamboyant Gairy during his period in office, some good, some bad. Without getting into any sort of political statement I would just point up the 2 events that did impress me as a frequent visitor to the island back in the `70s. Firstly, there was the above mentioned `69 Expo followed by his next planned "wondrous" event - namely The 1977 Easter Water Parade. Certainly intended to be bigger and better than any previous island water parade as will be evident from glancing through the following reprinted pages (YouTube)of the actual programme of events.

I particularly remember the fact that Gairy insisted that sand be brought in and dropped over the wall around The Carenage to liken it to the days of long ago when this harbour was still just a beach. I`m not sure now just how far this sand extended but it certainly stretched past the family bungalow situated next to the Empire Cinema. In posting these few pictures it may help bring back memories of that occasion and just how those boats looked as they tied up on Gairy`s imitation beach.

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