Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It`s not a message in a bottle!

No, this is a message under a bottle and certainly not just one of those cheeky notes left out by a housewife for her milkman. On view is the "Dimple" whisky bottle in question with a real nice and cleverly constructed sailing ship inside it (didn`t we all in our younger days just wonder how the heck that was done?).

Well there is something I still question and that being the label that`s been pasted below these particular waves?. What could it mean?... does it make sense?... is it there just to keep everybody guessing or what?. I must say that in the 40 years it`s been in my possession it has always been a good talking point. Visitors seeing the bottle at home invariably pick it up for a closer look and on spotting the writing usually ask me "could I explain it?" and unfortunately no has always had to be my short answer.

Hopefully there is someone out there in the wider blog world who may be able to shed some light on this particular message under a bottle.

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